Sui Move Resources

Resources for Sui Move smart contract development

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Sample code to get you started

Sui Move language guides

  • For a full guide to the language, see The Move Book.
  • For the key differences between Move and Sui Move, see here..

Key SDKs

To make working with Sui and Shinami easier, try these SDKs:

Sui Client CLI

Help with development questions

For help and tips from fellow Sui developers, see:

Creating production code? Look here.

Move source code and docs

Testing your code

Unit tests

Move Prover

  • For documentation on the Move specification language, a subset of the Move language which supports specification of the behavior of Move programs, see MSL. MSL plays together with the Move Prover, a tool which can statically verify the correctness of MSL specifications against Move programs. In contrast to traditional testing, verification of MSL is exhaustive and holds for all possible inputs and global states of a Move module or transaction script.
  • For a tutorial on using MSL and the Move Prover, see this tutorial by MoveBit.

Real-world examples

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