Shinami Documentation Updates

12/11/23Gas Station API
Invisible Wallet API
Added a Gas Station error code -2 to distinguish between a failed sponsorship request being due to an issue on our end or yours.

Added an auto-budgeting feature to Gas Station sponsorships. gasBudget is now optional, and if omitted we'll estimate the gas fee of the transaction for you and add a buffer for safety. This applies to:
- Gas Station's gas_sponsorTransactionBlock
- Invisible Wallet's shinami_wal_executeGaslessTransactionBlock
11/07/23zkLogin wallet APIShinami now supports zkLogin wallets! We introduced two new methods:
- shinami_zkw_getOrCreateZkLoginWallet: Retrieves a zkLogin wallet along with its associated salt, creating a new wallet if necessary. This method provides the option to create and use multiple zkLogin wallets per (user, OAuth provider) pair by using the optional subWwallet parameter.
- shinami_zkp_createZkLoginProof: Generate a zkLogin proof prior to signing and executing a transaction.
6/26/23Sui API ReferenceNew system read method:
- sui_getChainIdentifier
5/8/23Sui API ReferenceNew system read method:
- sui_getProtocolConfig
5/1/23Sui API, WebSocket APINew system read method:
- suix_getValidatorsApy

New subscription method
- suix_subscribeTransaction
4/17/23Sui API ReferenceNew name service read methods:

- suix_resolveNameServiceAddress
- suix_resolveNameServiceNames
3/27/23Sui API ReferenceExtensive breaking changes for devnet 0.29.0
3/13/23Sui API ReferenceNew object read method:
- sui_multiGetObjects
1/23/23Sui API ReferenceNew system read methods:
- sui_getReferenceGasPrice
- sui_getCheckpointContentsByDigest
- sui_getCheckpointSummaryByDigest
1/9/23Sui API ReferenceNew delegation write methods:
- sui_requestWithdrawDelegation
- sui_requestSwitchDelegation
- sui_requestAddDelegation

New system read methods:
- sui_getValidators
- sui_getDelegatedStakes
- sui_getCheckpointContents
- sui_getCheckpointContentsBySequenceNumber
- sui_getCheckpointSummary
- sui_getLatestCheckpointSequenceNumber
1/2/23Sui API ReferenceNew coin read methods:
- sui_getAllBalance
- sui_getAllCoins

New transaction read methods:
- sui_devInspectTransaction
- sui_devInspectMoveCall
12/12/22Sui API ReferenceNew coin read methods:
- sui_getBalance
- sui_getCoins
- sui_getTotalSupply

New object read methods:
- sui_getDynamicFields
- sui_getDynamicFieldObject