Sui Network and Client Compatibility

Learn about what versions Shinami supports

Shinami's Sui API strives to be compatible with all Sui clients that consume the Sui JSON-RPC. This page lists all Sui networks currently supported on Shinami, and their compatible client versions.

Sui Network Info

Current node versiondevnet-v1.8.0testnet-v1.8.0mainnet-v1.7.1
Last genesis date08/21/202305/11/202305/02/2013

Compatibility Matrix

Sample Snippets


You can use the new-env and switch commands to change RPC server URL to Shinami:

# Create a new env connecting to Shinami node service
sui client new-env \
  --alias shinami \
  --rpc<<apiKey>> \
  --ws wss://<<apiKey>>

# Activate the Shinami env
sui client switch --env shinami

TypeScript SDK

You can use the JsonRpcProvider class to set RPC server URL to Shinami:

import {JsonRpcProvider} from "@mysten/sui.js";

const connection = new Connection({
    fullnode: '<<apiKey>>'
const suiProvider = new JsonRpcProvider(connection);

Rust SDK

You can use SuiClientBuilder to create an HTTP or a WebSocket client using Shinami:

use sui_sdk::SuiClientBuilder;

let sui = SuiClientBuilder::default()